Friday, August 27, 2010

bloggers, readers, and friends!

Hello all! This is my first legitimate post. I figured if I wrote an entry first, it could help me see how the whole layout will look with actual content on it. I'm having major trouble with the layout D: If anyone could help me/tell me how to/where to get a plain white layout for blogger that I can edit and switch up myself - I'd love that!


So hi. I'm Jami.

This blog hails from Salt Lake City, Utah. Which has been my home for the last oh 2.5 months.
I am not Mormon.
I'm 19. (I know, I know, please leave the "but you look 14" jokes at the door.)
I'm a culinary arts student hoping to one day open a bakery. I graduate in two years.
I live with my boyfriend Ryan. We cook, we go to concerts, we shop, watch films, etc etc. He's cute.
I am also beyond obsessed with Harry Potter.

I've started this blog because I've become so inspired by all the blogs I stalk, so I figured I'd welcome myself to the community. I named the blog "I Only Wear Blue" after a song by one of my favorite bands Dr. Dog. (Mostly because every single other name I wanted was taken, even the most obscure.) I mostly follow fashion/style blogs, and as much as I would like to be among them, I don't think I have the time to document my outfit every day. So I will consider this a "lifestyle blog" as so many do, which'll include food blogs, concert recollections, some style blogs, many explorations of my new city, good plain inspiration, and lots of storytelling.

- Jami