Sunday, April 3, 2011

something new...

top: Anthropologie; shorts: American Eagle; shoes: Forever 21

...A legitimate outfit post!

I have been deeply longing for a pair of tan shorts (because summer is approaching so quickly eee!) but I thought I had to wait because I'm very low on cash. Then I remembered I had these shorts from American Eagle!! I never wore them because they used to be a longer-ish bermuda type shorts, and they were completely unflattering, but I just altered them, and now I'm in love :)

So, the point of that story was... I started trying on a bunch of outfits with my "brand new" shorts, and I started to realize... it really is time to start a legit style blog. My daily headshots are just getting way too boring. So I grabbed my webcam and took some pictures. Horrible quality, I know! :( You can't even SEE my shoes. But these were taken at night time, and the quality is always worse at night. We'll see how it goes during the day.

Let's see if I keep this up ;)

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