Friday, October 22, 2010

Hello thereeeeeeeee

Who's up and ready an hour too early like usual? Meeeeeeeeeeeee.

So here I sit in my Zupas uniform, eating Ryan's cereal om nom nom, gettin' ready for my first day of real training. I'm nervous! The salads... they're so evil! It's reminded me of studying for human anatomy in 11th grade, because it's all just memorizing words. Except.. there's way more pressure now, because, you know, it's my job, rather than just a grade.

Good news is Motion City Soundtrack is tonight :) I can't remember if this will be the fourth or fifth time I've seen them; all the Warped Tours I've attended are all a blur o_o But I remember the reason I fell in love with them was because I'd only heard "The Future Freaks Me Out" and liked it, so decided to watch them at Warped Tour '05. It was love from then on. I adore the new album.

I've got a long day. I also need to check on my new apartment and see if the disgusting bathroom is fixed yet. Ugh. I'll post pictures of Motion City Soundtrack and of my  new apartment soon enough :)

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