Sunday, October 3, 2010


I've been so busy with my shop and other things that I haven't had any bloggin' time :( I have many pictures to share. My brother's 21st birthday party:

It was ADVENTURE THEMED! And this is my lovely cake. I'm quite happy with how it turned out.

We listened to 1940's music and the Tarzan soundtrack.

Ryan was a caveman.

Marty was a pirate.

Nicole was an Aborigine.

Plus many other friends and fun things, but I didn't feel like taking pictures. Even though I was a wildlife photographer ;) I love these creative parties. I want to have a murder mystery party as a housewarming party at my new apartment. But I don't know if that will work in a studio. Haha.

I also have pictures from me and Ryan's 1st anniversary. On our actual anniversary (September 18th) we went to Park City. I'd never been there before and it's just as gorgeous as everyone has told me. It's a tiny little town nestled in the mountains with loads of local shops. In fact, on the main street, there's nothing but local shops. My favorite was a little clothing store called Olive & Tweed. Oh I'll definitely be going back there when I have more money C:

We had coffee at "The Java Cow" which we looked up online beforehand, but it was very tourist-y. Afterward we stumbled on another coffee shop, don't remember the name, but it was sooooo cute. It had teapots :D

That blue teapot is now mine :))) It's so Alice In Wonderland. It's the first thing I've really bought for my new apartment, and it's perfect. Thank you Ryan!!

And one day, those red cream and sugar cups will be mine.

So then our dinner got postponed, so we didn't end up having it until about a week ago. We went to Faustina, which is a little place right by our house that we've wanted to go to forever. The outside area is so cute at night. And of course the food was amazing. Every bit of it. Mmm.

Tonight we're seeing The Social Network. FINALLY a good movie, 2010.

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