Wednesday, October 27, 2010

we are restless and tired, sleeping with giants

As promised, here are shots of my new apartment. My blank slate :) I'm so excited. My parents are only here on Saturday to help me move by big things, so I only have that day to find a couch at DI. It made me kind of mad at first, but now I kind of like the idea! I like trying to be creative with limited material.

So this is from the doorway:

You can vaguely see my BEAUTIFUL end table I got from DI for $10. It's basically my only personal item in the apartment so far, other than some books I moved into the closet. I'm so in love with that table; it's 100% my style.

And basically from my bedroom doorway:

Look at that window! Oh I love it. Don't mind the bathroom door sitting in the middle of the kitchen; I don't.

My bedroom:

And the one wall in my bedroom:

I would rather it be actual brick color, rather than painted white, but I really love my brick wall. Also in my bedroom, somebody very visably wrote "Lex Luther 2010" on the window ledge haha, should have taken a picture of that. I'm going to add "Killjoys 2011."

And I have a radiator!

It's so cute! It's kind of inconveniently placed, but I don't know what would be a better place haha. The whole place is pretty cramped, but I love it. It has just enough room for all of my stuff. And the fact that it fits my queen size bed is good enough for me.

Kick-Ass arrived in my mailbox today, so time for that :)

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