Thursday, January 20, 2011

give my umbrella to the rain dogs

Today was such a lovely day! I had ramen noodles for breakfast om nom nom

(I'm getting really tired of my webcam pictures. If I had a macbook with PhotoBooth I'd be all game! Love PhotoBooth. But my windows web cam is horrid. Ugh. Anyway.)

Loved my outfit today. It's amazing what a perfect outfit can do :) I decided to try out the long-sleeve sweater/shirt over plaid collared shirt trend. Don't know if anyone else but me has noticed it. But it's so cute. Now I want more long-sleeve, fitted sweaters and plaid shirts :) Well, I always want plaid shirts. Also wore my cute little one-armed robot around my neck. Love him! Threw on some skinny jeans and my completely destroyed oxfords and what a cute outfit. Like a little schoolboy. That likes robots.

So I went to French, which was pretty challenging today. We're learning about the ridiculous French articles, and you know... just how ridiculous they are. I am so tired after that class, haha. In English, I'm a bit of a mumbler, but in French that is not allowed. You use every muscle in your lower face.

Then I finished up my humanities homework at Nostalgia, got some food, caught up on some MuggleCast, then back to school. We shared our 3-D sculptures in humanities, which was so fun. The assignment was to make a 3-D paper sculpture (or three) to describe the words "dream," "scheme," and "favorite." We had to get in groups and give each other adjectives describing our sculptures and the creators. The professor went around and gave adjectives too. She stopped by mine, looked very intrigued, and gave me "unique." I was thrilled :) She's such a smart lady, so I'm very flattered.

I just had some dinner while doing some French work, and when Ryan gets off work we're headin' to the gym. I can go tonight because I can sleep in tomorrow!

Awesome day.

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