Wednesday, January 26, 2011

it's late, and i'm in love

It's quite late because I had a latte at about 9:00 so I'm not the least bit tired. So I'm blogging!

This last weekend I went to brunch for the first time! :) Sunday brunch at Pago with my cute cute boyfriend. (He was talking to the man at the table next to us about coffee in this picture.)

I just love when they give you a little creamer cup like this :D Really good coffee too.

I had croque monsieur, which didn't contribute much to my diet but man was it delicious :)

I found all the other people having brunch to be quite amusing. They were exactly the kind of people I'd picture to be "brunch people." Pretty classy, but pretty laid-back, and you can tell they're thoroughly enjoying their Sunday before another long week at the office. After we ate, we went to Ikea and I got a picture frame for my Beach House concert poster. I got home and it wasn't the right size. So I'll be returning it and probably just saving the $25 because I got a parking ticket today, and I'm just plain broke :(

Today was pretty productive, I guess. I was way behind in math so I caught up a little, then cleaned my house because I finally had the energy. It's still not quite as clean as it should be haha. BUT I stuck to my diet today, which was productive, but probably only because I wasn't hungry on account of all the coffee I drank today...

In other news, Kiss Each Other Clean by Iron & Wine was released today. (But I first listented to it Sunday.) And it's so damn lovely I can't stop listening. "Walking Far From Home" is my favorite song of the week... month... it's amazing. I rarely get this excited about new albums. I mean, it happens fairly often, but not with everything. Buy this album, kids. Now.

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