Monday, February 14, 2011

Dear Valentine's Day,

Dear Valentine's Day,

You can sure make a girl crazy. You make walking into a grocery store feel like walking through a cemetery. Who would've thought! You wake me up feeling all self-righteous and independent and such, but by halfway through the day, you're making me just downright lonely. You're making me talk to boys I shouldn't talk to and get to thinking that I wish they'd surprise me with flowers. I get to feeling pathetic. And I blame you. You, as a holiday, are more discriminating than any other holiday, including religious, and it downright irks me. If you beat out religion, you have gotten on my bad side. You have made me bitter unlike any February 14th before. I was going to spend this day in dignity and go shopping for MYSELF and be SELFISH and say that I am my OWN Valentine, because I've never felt that kind of self-love before. But alas I have failed. I just want some flowers, and to hold someone's hand.


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