Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Little Resolutions

I've been a confused girl lately, it's true. I'm skipping class, feeling lethargic at work, and procrastinating my homework. Clearly I need some inspiration. I think I'll try out this idea of "little resolutions" I've stolen from the blog, M Loves M. What an inspiring gal! Instead of one big New Year's Resolution, she decided to take on one new, small resolution every week of the year. And it's such a fantastic idea I think I'll just go ahead and steal it. I think that feeling of accomplishment at the end of week could be exactly what I need.

This week: No sweets, and no more eating at work.
My work makes delicious food, but yes it's true, I am straight up sick of it. Still I eat it because I get such a good discount, and since I hate grocery shopping, it's a win-win. But I know deep down that I could be saving even more money if I'd just suck it up, go to Smith's, and eat at home for every meal. Maybe some day I'll take on the no-coffee-house-coffee resolution :)
Oh and no sweets because in my mind, I somehow seem to justify having desserts every day because I only eat one meal at work. No Jamie. Just... no. I actually weigh less than I have in a pretty long time, and I want to stay here.

I also enjoy these lists:

Currently obsessed with:
Arcade Fire in 47 days!
Relaxing with a drink after work (tonight: hypnotiq mixed with banana colada fuze; SO GOOD!)
ModCloth's Cabin Fever Sale. (my Arcade Fire ticket took up the majority of my "fun money" for this paycheck but I can't ever resist a sale...)
Cleaning my apartment.
Road bikes.

Currently listening: Window Blues - Band of Horses

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