Friday, February 25, 2011

even the last of the blue-eyed babies know

This picture is from yesterday. I think it describes my life pretty well right now - Ryan bought me beautiful coral-colored roses; the bottle of Jack waiting so anxiously to be drank.

My hair is driving me CRAZY lately. I cut my bangs, thinking it'd keep them from being so annoying, but now they're even more annoying. My ends are fried, and I'm at that super awkward length between short and long. I feel like I look so much better when I just pull it back, and I hate it! :(

But anyway, ANOTHER amazing band is coming to Salt Lake! Iron & Wine - June 3rd! This is going to be such an amazing year for concerts.

April 8th - My Chemical Romance
April 11th - Arcade Fire
May 9th - Of Montreal
May 21st - Glee Live
June 3rd - Iron & Wine
and after that, the Twilight concert series! :) Hopefully we get some awesome acts this year, hopefully it's at the Gallivan, and hopefully I'll have my bike by that time to ride there!

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