Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beach House.

On September 2nd, I saw Vampire Weekend and Beach House at In The Venue. Yes, I'm aware that was quite a while ago, but this month has been busy with personal matters, and my blogging has taken a toll :( I hope to return to my regular blogging soon. Also, I have no pictures of the show because I left my phone at home. But they wouldn't have turned out that well anyway. So here are my simple, ever-adoring thoughts...

Do I even have to say that Beach House blew Vampire Weekend out of the water? They played one of the best sets I have ever seen. It was almost all Teen Dream, but it was soooo delightful. I literally enjoyed every second of it, which is so rare for me because I get annoyed at concerts really easy, and it should have been especially so at this one considering the HIGH concentration of high schoolers. But Victoria Legrand just hooked me, and I really couldn't take my eyes off her. Her stage presence was mesmerizing, really. I literally turned to Ryan and said, "Oh my god. She's so interesting." The way she moved with her music was so intriguing, and not in an awkward way. She kept saying things like "There's a really positive energy here, and I wish you all the best." And "Just thought I'd say... today is 90210." She loved the fact that it was 90210 hahah. Ten minutes later inbetween songs, "...90210."

I guess part of the fact I enjoy them so much more now is because for the first few months I listened to them, I thought the vocalist was a guy. And if you listen to it that way... it's not as good. But now I am just insanely jealous of Ms. Legrand's ethereal voice and her all-around godliness. We can safely say that Beach House has nudged their way into my top 10 bands. And I have never wanted to see a band again so much before. I would drive hours to see them play another 20-minute set! Love. Love. Love.

And Vampire Weekend was okay. Their music's so weird that I guess I expected more from their show, but they were kind of just like any other band.

I'm currently in Parowan. Been here since Sunday night for my brother's 21st birthday. I can't wait to get back to Salt Lake though. I have big things planned! :) Time to get my life in order.

Unrelated: I was thoroughly disappointed in the season premiere of Glee. If you think you liked it, you're lying to yourself. I love Glee more than probably most things on the planet, but that was the most boring season premiere I have ever seen. The music sucked, the new characters are just meh, and Rachel was completely OOC. Get rid of those bangs, I don't see Rachel anymore, I just see Lea Michele.

And just because I love pictures, meet my birdie friend! Cutest necklace ever!

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