Sunday, September 5, 2010

Food bloggin: Vinto

There's this phrase that's been passed along my family and friends... "Jami loves pizza." And trust me. It is true. And it just so happens that on my birthday over the summer, Ryan, Blake, and I journeyed over to this pizza place a couple blocks from my apartment called Vinto.

And it might just be my favorite pizza ever.

So we had a very relaxing pizza and movie Sunday and got take-out Vinto! (We watched Avatar for the first time, but I won't even go into what a waste of my life that was.)

It's wood-fired pizza, and their topping combinations are so delicious. But of course, my favorite is good plain pepperoni. But it's not plain whatsoever; it has a way of being slightly spicy without the use of crushed red peppers. I don't  know how they do it, but it's delicious. Ryan got the Giovonni pizza which I didn't try, but it looked really good. (They're all personal-sized pizzas.)

And I must mention also, even though that we just had take-out today, that the atmosphere at Vinto is wonderful AND everyone there is so incredibly nice. They gave Ryan free gelato today because the pizza was taking a little long. So if you're ever around...

On an unrelated note, I signed up for chictopia though I doubt I'll use it any time soon because I'm still uncomfortable with taking full-length pictures. Just the idea of free stuff excites me. But the whole point of the site is that you get free stuff by using the site. Hm.

Well thus, I have managed my time badly, and while I have more to add to this blog, The Great Food Truck Race is about to begin. (Who's stoked to see the Nom Nom truck get booed!?)I have so many blogs to write, it seems. I'd like to write a couple film reviews... and put up some pictures Ryan and I took on the roof yesterday, and I still have to write on the Beach House show. It'll get done.

top and sweater: Forever 21

Wishing you all well.


  1. Well hello there, beautiful. :] I've missed your face.

    Sounds like things are going well for you and that makes me happy. I hope they keep going well.

    I may very well be moving up there and going to school, so I hope Salt Lake treats me as well as it seems to be treating you.

    Just letting you know that I am, indeed, reading your blog. And I miss your cute little face. <3

  2. Good good! I'm definitely reading your blog too, pretty lady!
    When are you moving up? What school are you going to? You will love it here, I promise. There's always something happening here. Living downtown is the best :)
    I miss you much!

  3. I don't know when I'm moving up, but I'm trying to get classes for the spring semester at SLCC. I have incompletes at SUU and SLCC is an open acceptance school, so I can get my generals done there and then go to U of U because my incompletes won't matter anymore. I want to major in English Creative Writing and minor in Photography.

    If it all works out, I'll be up there before my 21st birthday (Jan. 25th). :]