Monday, September 13, 2010

Stars that clear have been dead for years.

So today I got it all cleared up. I'm no longer a student for the rest of fall semester. I'm both sad and really happy. I'm sad that I could've realized earlier that culinary wasn't what I really wanted to do, and I wouldn't be wasting all this time right now. (Thankfully I could refund my tuition though and didn't waste money too.) But I'm happy that I have some time to relax and at the same time look harder for a job.

Today was a really nice, peaceful day. I got myself a honeydew milk bubble tea from Caffe D'Bolla mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Let me plug this place. It's so great. It has espresso, tea, bubble tea, and some pastries. It was closed for like a week last week, and Ryan and I went there this last weekend, and it was remodeled! It's a lot classier now, and we love it. The barista is the sweetest lady in the world too :)

Well then I checked out a consignment store called Emilie Jayne on 8th & 8th. It is so cute! It's a consignment store, of course, so the prices aren't as low as a thrift store, but everything is so darling. Exactly what I expected it to be. It's just littered with tiny treasures. (It's a lot like Now & Again, the consignment shop by my apartment on abouuuut 2nd and 5th. But Emilie Jayne is a bit more girly.) I found the sweetest silver cream and sugar cups; I had to tear myself away. The set was only $9 though, so it's really not bad. I'll probably get a number of things from there for my next apartment - which is going to be completely girly, antique-filled, and 90% thrifted.

My wardrobe is being dysfunctional, so my outfits suck lately. But I can't go wrong with all black.

cardigan: H&M, shorts: don't remember, shoes: Urban Outfitters, bag: grandma's, necklace: Forever 21

Excuse the horrid background. We're slobs.

Tonight's plans are homemade popcorn, painting my nails, and if it came in the mail, Mad Men. This is what my life will be like until January if I don't get a job. Dramatic sigh.


  1. I'm still reading and I'm still thinking that you are adorable. :]]

    Because of you, there are so many places I will absolutely have to visit when I move up there. <3

  2. I loooove boba AND your yellow shoes!