Monday, December 6, 2010

Everything goes according to planned.

Curls! Yay or nay? My hair is finally somewhat of a decent length, so I decided to try out the curls again. A year and a few months ago, my hair was curled like this all the time, but almost a foot longer. Can't wait to get there again! I like this though, it works.

Moving tomorrow! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new place that is two floors up. I thought I loved my place I'm in now, but I LOOOOOOOOVE my new place. Did I mention I love my new place? The bathroom is literally three times the size of mine now, the oven is literally twice as wide, the fridge is bigger, there's two radiators, the kitchen is seperate from the living room, there's an extra closet, the tiling in the kitchen is adorable, and it has a really pretty view of the mountains as it is on the top floor. Pictures soon.

Oh oh and I'm ridiculously excited for A Very Glee Christmas! Sadly I have to wait to watch it until Wednesday or Thursday after the move.

Haven't you heard that I'm the new cancer? Never looked better and you can't stand it.

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  1. I miss you, pretty girl! I'm so happy to see that all is going well for you. :D

    Maybe, one day, I hope to be moving up north. It all really just depends on how my job goes, but I took a random trip up there a few months ago and absolutely fell in love with the place. I don't know why it was different this time, but it felt like somewhere I could call home.

    I love reading your blog, and I want you to know that I do it fairly often (though less often since I don't have internet currently) and it always makes me smile. :] Keep your chin up, lovely! <3