Thursday, December 2, 2010

Laser Beam

First good day I had in a while! It started out rocky; I almost called in sick to work. But I sucked it up and decided it was worth going. And it ended up being a decent day of work! I started feeling less ill once I started working; not less tired, but less ill. I've been feeling so not myself lately.. I'm not sick, but I do feel like something's wrong. I feel narcoleptic and fatigued 24/7. I'm going to head to the doctor and do some blood tests hopefully this weekend. And hopefully I'm not working AS much next week. I think I just need to rest.

After work, Ryan and I went to Trio. It's a cute little Italian place. We had spaghetti, pizza, and goat cheese cheesecake and it was lovely. Reminded me of summertime when we went to a new place every day :)

Then we went to the super nice Starbucks by my work. For some reason they had for sale one of those couples books- where it asks questions and you and your significant other fill in answers. I always liked the idea of those, but every one that I've found has seemed kind of off and strange. (Especially that "All About Us" one. Seriously, if you answered all the questions in there, you'd probably end up breaking up.) But this one that Starbucks has, is amazing. It has a bunch of quotes about love that lead into the questions you answer. It's called "Two." I'm going to fill it all out first, then give it to Ryan and let him read it, then he'll fill it out and give it back to me. :) So cute!

We're also sending out Christmas cards to our families! Wow, it makes me feel like an adult.

And still speaking of Christmas:

So cute! I love Target Christmas stuff! Never mind that I couldn't agree less with the quote "Let it snow."

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