Thursday, December 16, 2010

Good morning, night, wherever you are.

I highly highly recommend the documentary "America the Beautiful." It's on Instant Queue on Netflix. It's about body image in America with a big focus on the media. I don't know what provoked me to want to watch it, but I'm glad I did. I'm going to look at the world with new eyes. Far too many mornings I wake up and think "I want to look really pretty today!" and spend way too long in front of the mirror. I'm going to make an effort to wake up and say instead, "I want to do something beautiful today. Learn something beautiful. Let my inner beauty shine even brighter than my outer beauty." That's my new year's resolution.

That being said, let's be vain! C: I love this shirt, and the lighting in my bedroom.

I spent money today, surprise surprise! That should be a new year's resolution as well: frugality ftw. I'll try, but I'll really have to plan and control my impulses. But I just had some lunch, and ventured to Forever 21 to look for a nice top for either Christmas or my Christmas work party. I ended up getting two blue cotton tops - couldn't decide between the two. But they were so cheap. And season-versatile. Then I got Ryan another Christmas gift. I kept finding things for him that would be so perfect, but they were all so expensive I had to pass them up :(

We're having our Christmas sometime next week. We're going to have dinner at The Copper Onion and open presents and see the lights (and animals) at the zoo! Sounds like a perfect date night.

Hope you all have a beautiful night.

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