Saturday, November 20, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1

I think the time has come for my Deathly Hallows review.

I took pictures even though there wasn't too much to take pictures of. Just lots of people waiting around in cute costumes :)

Here was my outfit :)

That tie is now hanging on my cork board in my bedroom. Makes it feel like I'm in a Gryffindor dorm wooh!

So anyway. Our showing was at 1:20 AM. And my overall thoughts: I really can't sum it up in one sentence. I have to see it again to make an accurate judgement. BUT I can make this comparison, overall: Lord of the Rings and the Two Towers. Now, The Two Towers is everyone's least favorite LOTR movie, and that's not what I'm saying at all. Deathly Hallows Part 1 is undecidedly my first or second favorite HP film. What I'm saying is, that feeling that you got after seeing The Two Towers was exactly like how I felt after DH P1. This feeling that the end is so near you can taste it. And that you want more... but you don't. I wonder if in the last film, they'll pull a Peter Jackson and keep fading out... and in again... and out... and in again... I know that they don't want to let go as badly as we don't want to.

It hit me so unbelievably hard when I walked out of that theater. I cried a little during Dobby's death, but when we left the theater, I tried to keep it in but I couldn't. I was like shaking/makeup-down-my-face crying. Must have looked bloody stupid. But I couldn't stop thinking "holy crap there's only one more now! Only ONE!" I do not want it to end. I'm kind of dreading July 15th :(

I realize now that PMS was probably mostly to blame for that over-emotional moment hah :) And how late it was. I was just completely drained by that time.

But the movie! The acting was superb, the accuracy to the book was satisfying, and well... I don't know. It's all kind of a blur. I really should see it again before writing this, but whatever. The dance scene with Nick Cave was a little awkward, but I'm still glad it was in there. That song just works. I feel like the relationship between Harry and Hermione was more prominent than ever. I liked how much the relationships matured in this one; you could really feel Ron and Hermione secretly falling in love with each other, rather than like in the sixth film, where it was a little more immature- Ron kisses another girl and Hermione runs away and cries. Harry and Ginny are still hollow. But I'm sure there will be a good moment between those two in the next film. Sigh... it's not the "next" anymore. It's the last.

Biggest disappointment: WHERE is the big argument scene with Lupin and Harry?! Did I miss it? It seems SO silly that Tonks would bring it up in the beginning during the Seven Potters scene and then they never brought it up again in the whole movie. I'm so disappointed; it's such a fantastic scene in the book that shows so much of both Lupin and Harry's characters.

Biggest surprise: The animated part that you see while Hermione reads The Tale of the Three Brothers. It took me off guard, but the animation looked pretty sweet.

I also feel that the Malfoy Manor scene was very played down. I almost was second-guessing that it was the last scene in the movie because I don't think it was made to be climactic enough. It was true to the book, which was the problem. They should have made it a little more dramatic and a little more war-like to end the film with a bang and set the mood for the upcoming film. And Dobby's death was sad. Sad sad sad. But well-done.

I'll add more to this after I think of more haha. I need to leave now to go watch Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus with Ryan :) Maybe I'll write a review on that, to get my mind off HP... haha.

So I'll leave with this. Because it describes how I felt after seeing DH so perfectly. I feel like Harry during the Battle of Hogwarts... walking straight to his death. So sad... so sad.

Honest to god... when I look back at my childhood and teenage years, this is what I'll think of.

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