Monday, November 8, 2010

Quick blog.

Had a good day :) 8-hour shift, caught up on my re-read of Deathly Hallows, and watched How I Met Your Mother episodes with Ryan that we've never seen before!

But I'm sad that my apartment is so cold. I'm sad that I have to tape up the windows because they let cold air right in. I mean, I'm not shivering or anything, but it's not as warm as I like it to be. The first thing I'm getting with this next paycheck is some knit hats and gloves and long-sleeved thermals to sleep in.
With all the shit I need to get, I'll be lucky if this huge paycheck lasts me a week haha.

I liked my outfit today.

hoodie: don't remember; jacket, jeans, shoes: Forever 21; bag: grandma's

Forever 21 has a million different-colored fleece hoodie tops that would also be perfect for layering this way. I think it looks so cute. And warm!

Time to sleep then wake up again and go to work again. I haaaaaaate opening. I haven't had to ever get up this early since high school. But I'm being optimistic :) Life is overall actually pretty relaxing, despite how tired my body constantly feels. I guess it's the gratification of independently supporting myself.

Oh and I got both the 18th and 19th off for midnight HP. WUDDUPPPPPPP

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