Saturday, March 26, 2011

30-Day Album Challenge: Day 11

Day 11: Favorite Pop Album
The Fame Monster
Lady Gaga

This album is the best part of Lady Gaga so far. I used to really hate her when all she had was The Fame under her belt, and I don't really like her videos, and I don't really like her outfits. But I REALLY like this album. Lady Gaga has a way of taking something very musically ordinary and making it awesome and her own thing. You can see and hear the convention that was put into producing the album, and you can see how Lady Gaga twisted it to match her very own vision. My favorite part about her is that she's an actual icon of our generation, and we have very, very few of those. She's more talented than most pop singers; she can actually sing - better than Madonna, her biggest comparison. And The Fame Monster delves into a number of relatable topics through its nine short tracks.

I just love that an artist can put out something as horrible as The Fame, and then realize "Hey, that really sucked. Maybe fame fucked it up for me." And then create a response truly timeless and breathtaking. It's a real act of humanity.

Favorite tracks: Bad Romance, Dance in the Dark, So Happy I Could Die

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