Wednesday, March 9, 2011

30-Day Album Challenge: Day 7

Day 7: Least Favorite Album of Your Favorite Artist
The Black Parade
My Chemical Romance

Whenever I feel the urge to listen to my favorite band, this is close to never the album I choose. I love theatricality and I love concept albums, but The Black Parade is just a little too much, almost on the cheesy side, and lyrically the weakest. On their other albums, there's maybe two or three tracks that I'm not that fond of. On this one, there's maybe two or three tracks that I actually like. So, they kind of missed the mark. I feel like it was probably just a strange time for them to be making music; they had just made something so true to themselves and went over so well with their fans, that they had to think, "What do we do now?" And this is what came out. And the reason Danger Days is so good is because they're now out of that funk completely and have grown up as musicians and people. Still love 'em though. Three out of four aint bad.
Favorite tracks: Welcome to the Black Parade, Teenagers, and Famous Last Words

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