Sunday, March 6, 2011

30-Day Album Challenge: Day 4

Fell behind, oops!

Day 4: First Album You Ever Bought
The Used
The Used

The first albums I remember buying were a set of a few different ones. I asked for about 5-10 CDs for Christmas, and this was one of them. I also got Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, some Atreyu album, Gwen Stefani's Love. Angel. Music. Baby. and a few others. (Pretty eclectic, I know.) But if I recall, this is the one I was most excited about getting, and I listened to it the most. To this day it's still the best Used album; I think it's always pretty awesome when a band's first album is their best by far. (But also sad in a way, to have to watch them just go downhill after that. In the last few years I haven't taken a second glance at The Used.)

I guess this album introduced me to music, in a way. And for being 13 years old it's not the worst place to start. The lyrics are obviously relatable to an angsty 13-year-old, and when I moved to Utah I felt even more connected to them. And even recently, I'm learning more about my connection to this band by living right by the town they grew up in and sing about. I think their blend of catchy tracks and more metal-influenced songs on this album is near perfect. For the 2000's teenager, it's an essential.
Favorite tracks: On My Own, Pieces Mended, and The Taste of Ink

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