Tuesday, March 8, 2011

mountains beyond mountains

jacket and necklace: Anthropologie; shirt: Forever 21;

YO! Only three more days of classes 'til spring break! Stoked! I'm not doing anything that exciting except maybe taking a trip to Parowan and my year-and-a-half anniversary with Ryan :) We're going to Forage and going to a ballet. Definitely expect a blog for that day! :)

I can feel the anticipation for April building up! Seeing my two favorite bands, Ryan's birthday, a wedding, the Deathly Hallows blu-ray, my mom coming up to help me paint my apartment, it's endless!

Speaking of my apartment, I rearranged the furniture this weekend. And every day I wake up and think "Why didn't I do this sooner?!" It's SO much more open, and I didn't even take out any furniture! It got me thinking about design more and more, and I've spent far too many hours in the last few days on Apartment Therapy. Here are some of my very favorites:

It's funny; no matter how much I say I love color, I guess I'm always drawn to more neutral rooms with subtle colors. I'm the same way with fashion too. I do love color, but colors that are found in the earth.

Also when it comes to design, I really like clean lines and the minimalist style but I'm also still extremely drawn to messy-ish bohemian sanctuaries. They seem almost opposites so it could be challenging to try to blend the two. I just want my apartment to be full of style, no matter what it is exactly. I want nobody to question that a design student lives there :)

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